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I love coffee !!! no …. I really love coffee … often too much. I have a full-time management job, I own a Martial art academy with over 30 active fighters so days are long and my good friend coffee gets me through the day.

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But … I tend to find that my reliance on the wonderful warm lovely bringer of energy and alertness can at time leave me with feeling cloudy and struggle to sleep.

I am currently preparing for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition in which I have 6 weeks to cut 14kg, these means: –
1. Increased Energy expenditure (Training)
2. Decrease in Calorie intake (Diet)
3. Increase recovery time to deal with training stress (Sleep, Ice baths, etc.)

Typically, I would supplement points 1 (Training) and 2 (diet) with a large amount of coffee, but there are no free rides. Drink a lot of the coffee negatively effected my sleeping patterns, this had a waterfall effect on my training and performance.

I have played with the supplement Alpha Brain which is a nootropic from Onnit, which helps brain function but I did not see a big difference. I have not written it off but I need to do some more testing and this is where Kimera Koffee comes in.

I came across Kimera Koffee from Gary Tonnon, he is currently sponsored by them and I really enjoy his style of grappling. Kimera Koffee (yes, it is spelt with a K) is coffee with Nootropics!!! Hooray! Something I love (coffee) with something I want to test (Nootropics)

So how am I going to use this coffee? The Dolce Diet seems to be the best diet for me to make weight for competition, and as part of this diet, I have coffee for Breakfast and Lunch (Dinner if you’re from Yorkshire). This is normally a bit of a struggle to go down to just 2 cups of coffee a day, as I need my caffeine hit every couple of hours.

Taste – I tried both types of the coffee and I have come to the conclusion that I may have broken my taste buds with level 6 strength coffee for the last 6 months. What I found is over a couple of days and only having 2 coffees a day, the flavour came through I found both the medium and dark roast smooth and I found it easy to drink with or with out stevia.

Effect – As I have mentioned … I was expecting a crash in focus and energy levels but I didn’t, I felt like I had a good level of focus throughout the day without the foggy feeling.
With regards to the Nootropics, I did feel more “Switched on” which was interesting. I have some real challenges both at work and with my Martial team, but I have felt a little more levelled to work and think through the challenges. Kimera coffee has peaked my interest again in Nootropics, because I have felt the effects/seen an improvement in focus.

Overall – Money talks … and I have gone and bought another 2 bags, I like the taste, I am sleeping better without crashing through the day and I have seen an improvement in my focus.

Click on the below image to get your bag of coffee from the brilliant

Tappino’s in Cleckheaton

My Wife and I really enjoy Aldos and for some time we have been really looking forward to trying out Tappinos which is owned and operated by the same people. I could not count how many meals we have had at Aldos, Birthdays, Family meals and this has also been the venue for many romantic meals with my wife.

Because of the great food and service at Aldos it is a very popular and busy restaurant with a great buzz. Tappinos is very different, we was able to book with out any problems, the decor of the restaurant was very rustic with a quieter buzz than than its bigger brother Aldos.

Tappinos server “Italian Tapas” which is a fantastic idea, my wife and tried to do the Tapas idea with starters at Aldos once, we ordered 5 starter dishes on one of our visits which lead to staff moving us to a larger table and 2 rather full belly’s.

The staff are very friendly and deliver great service, top this with some fantastic food … we my have found our new favourite restaurant in Cleckheaton. Our meal for 2 people for 6 dishes, 2 deserts, 1 bottle of wine and a Beer came to around £80 which seemed pretty reasonable.

Film – Double Dragon 

Like many popular games … a film was created … you lucky … lucky people… but remember it’s not just a game

Double Dragon started out as an Arcade Machine which has taken more 10 pence peices from me than any other game in my miss spent youth. It also came out on some of there earlier consoles and computers and it is safe to say it was one of my favourite games and probably one of the reason I got involved in martial arts.

The film was release in 1994 and no one has ever heard of it ….. so it brilliant. The legend of the Double dragon is based around 2 medallion’s, a king had to scarifies himself to create a medallion …..

“WHAT THE F£@K! … How the hell does that work”

  1. Stop yelling at me, I didn’t make the film.
  2. I don’t know … or care just go with the story.

… any way 1 medallion has powers over the body and the other over the soul.
We are introduced to this arse hole below, he explains he how the medallion had been hide so they could not used for EVIL !!!!!  Guess what, the dude with the blond high top hair in a big office is the bad guy! Classic 80’s brilliance

Our 2 hero’s live in a post apocalyptic time, with weird karate tourneyments and curfues. I think films like the “The Purge” have clearly been inspired by this master piece, if you are caught outside after curfues your life is at risk.

So with out giving too much away … an adventure begins, They make some friends, suffer a loss, they meet a girl and karate fights which is fantastic !

We also learn a great life lesson around taking questionable drugs … remember kids play fair or you will send up looking like a hemorrhoid.

In this film we learn some fantastic life lesson and the banter is top notch so don’t waist your time with Netflix or Sky TV, get your self over to Youtube and investing your future.


Film – Skew (Horror)

Starts of with the usual “young people getting together for a road trip” and there is always one guy filming to capture the adventures that is about to go down.

We start our trip with 2 guys and one girl … “Blair witch did this you arse holes !!!!” I hear you cry … But wait … The girl in the Blair witch film didn’t wear blue vulurler pants like my gran … The lead lady in this film does … So in the first couple of minutes we can make the following assumptions

1. There was no budget, the women owned the pants.

2. There was very little budget for clothes so they had to shop in a flee market/car boot.

So do we press on and watch this … I am a Yorkshire man and despite how bad it is I am watching it as I have spent money. Also the plane movies are really limited. With out giving too much away, the film is Cam based (Blair witch style … Again remember the pants … It’s not Blair Witch). There is a couple of things that bugged me from the off with this film.

There is a weird noise that happens, like a little boom (similar to Paranormal Activity) which I thought would mean something is about to happen … But they use it in bits it does not belong. The acting isn’t great … But we knew that was going to happen because of the blue pants and some of it might be down to the script been little clunky.

It is about 30 mins in things start happening, and there is a pretty good scene which is jumpy…. There are 2 jumpy bits … That’s it.

Overall this film was Poor … If I hadn’t been stuck on a Thomas Cook flight I would of turned it off.

Riu Touareg – Cape Verde

After a busy and rough few months my wife and I got the credit card then started looking for a break in March. Our options for a week with specific datas we could fly out narrowed our options ot Cyprus or Cape Verde.

Although we love Cyprus but the weather (temperature) of an African destination help us press the button on the Riu Touareg booking.

Tip 1 – The plane is very small and does not offer entertainment/films so load up iPads and podcasts. The seats are quite tight. I am 5’10 and I wish I had booked the extra leg room.

The check in was very smooth, there was lots of staff to help get people through quickly. The staff are freindly and they offer to take your suitcase directly to the room. We choose to take our own as I read on Trip Advisor it can be quicker to take their own.

We booked the adult only section, the room was clean with a mini bar which is filled every 2 days. You get 2 beers, 3 large bottles of water and 6 bottles of pop. In our room we had a 4 large bottles spirits (whiskey, rum, vodka, brandy) … it is pretty cheap stuff but it was nice to see.

We stayed mainly by the adults only pool, we tended to grab a sun bed just away from the pool, there was lots of room. We went to the main pool once and the music and staff trying to get people involved in activities, that was not for us. The adult only bar has a champagne day on a Tuesday and Friday at 12:00 with some dancing and some really nice live music.

Food at the buffet was nice (but not amazing) there is a good amount choice, the buffet experience was not the best, people rushing around, bumping into me and often quite rude. The specialist restruants were nice, my faviorte was the African restruant followed closely by the gourmet (adults only) restruant. Some of the servers are very good, some are just ok, we always tried to stay in the areas with the better servers.

The entitainment is a little 1st stage of the X-Factor, there is a difference theme every night some of it is good … some a little comical but still fun to watch.

Around the complex there is nothing but goats, so if you want to adventure out you will either need to book a taxi or go on an organised trip. The sea is very very rough and there was a red flag every day, so we did not swim in the sea.

There are cats about but if you leave them alone they won’t pester you, if you like cats they are freindly. Apparently the cats keep the grounds free of mice and cockroaches which i really like.

Overall the facilities are clean and well maintained, the staff is very friendly and helpful. We both enjoyed our holiday, we didn’t want to travel or do trips, we wanted the be feed, watered and to lay down.

On trip advisor I will give this 4 out of 5.

Film – Northwest (Drama)

It is a bit of an anti-hero as the film starts with the lead character robbing some ones house.

The film I about a 18yr old lad called Casper who makes his money robbing houses and selling at the “shop” which is run by one of the local gangs.He is contact then given a task by an organised crime boss and offered a new job with job prospects.

He quickly raises through the ranks which only puts the local gangs noise out of joint … Which can only end in conflict. It isn’t in English but it one hell of a cracking film, with an ending I really liked.

It was easy to get into the film even with the subtitles I would recommend this film to anyone after a gritty drama. It is available on iTunes.

Blood bowl 2 – Norse vs Wood Elves

Second game was against wood elves and it was only 5 minutes before the games started I notice they won there first game 6-0. Luckily I got the ball in the first half to try and smash a few of the elves for the second half.

First couple of plays I drive the ball up and the wood elves avoid getting in tackles and create a line near the endzone so I used my wear wolf to start smashing people into the sideline picking up a ko and running the ball in.

Kicking the ball to the elves I spread my guys out as much as I could to try and get as much coverage to make them dodge, but for some reason they stacked the line. Got some really bad dice rolls and the throw of the rock ko’ed on wear wolf and the other got ko’ed on the line … Brilliant

You can watch the rest here :-

Please leave your advice and thoughts

Travel – Aria Hotel (Las Vegas)

It took about 45 million mins to check in because of the queue. The room was amazing (39105) large with lots of space, there is a tablet that you can use to control the room, order stuff and look at amenities of the hotel which is pretty cool.

All the staff were very nice as well, everyone you passed said hello. Even the guys who are stood by the lifts to the rooms were ok … But always make sure you have your room pass or they will not let you up.

The concierge people were super cool they sorted out a couple of problems we had with little fuss and helped us book tickets to “O” we had read that it would be cheaper to book through the hotel but it wasn’t.

This seems a really weird thing to put but it is great that there are lots of lifts, we stayed at another hotel in Vegas which only had a couple of Lifts, which meant long waiting times.

Tip 1 – if you want to save some money eat in the strip. It is much cheaper, there is also a Walgreens and CVS 10minutes walk away.

I really like the layout of the hotel and Casino, lots of restaurants (all a little expensive) and the staff were all very nice and helpful. We had a problem with a free offer which we couldn’t find documentation but the staff sorted it.

The pools where nice, the only thing I didn’t like was how close all the sun beds are to one another, you do feel a little cramped in.

There was a couple of things which was a bit of a problem. There is a $150 per day for the first 4 days deposit for damages which was a bit of a shock, the “resort fee” is a bit annoying as it is quite expensive to stay at the Aria.

Tip 2 – when looking at budget before you come out most prices on sites don’t include tax or tip (they expect at least 18%)

Over the stay at Aria was very nice and the only negative is the price of food and drink, the “Resort Fee”, the deposits but everything else was really good.

We checked out online which was brilliant and meant we didn’t have to queue again. Over all the staff where amazing and did every thing to help us, the hotel is a little pricey and the “deposits” was a bit of a shock, but over I enjoyed the stay.