Blood bowl 2 – Norse vs Wood Elves

Second game was against wood elves and it was only 5 minutes before the games started I notice they won there first game 6-0. Luckily I got the ball in the first half to try and smash a few of the elves for the second half.

First couple of plays I drive the ball up and the wood elves avoid getting in tackles and create a line near the endzone so I used my wear wolf to start smashing people into the sideline picking up a ko and running the ball in.

Kicking the ball to the elves I spread my guys out as much as I could to try and get as much coverage to make them dodge, but for some reason they stacked the line. Got some really bad dice rolls and the throw of the rock ko’ed on wear wolf and the other got ko’ed on the line … Brilliant

You can watch the rest here :-

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