BJJ – Mobility Vs Flexibility

In BJJ and MMA we tend to focus on technical training, increasing strength or putting more gas in the tank so we can spar/fight for longer. I have been guilty of neglecting 2 very important aspects of fitness and it common for both to be bundled under the same category … but they are very different.

Mobility is how the joint moves and the range of motion surrounding the joint. Flexibility is the length of the muscle which can effect an persons mobility, if the connected muscles don’t stretch far enough to allow the movement. It is worth noting that there are other issues that can cause problems, inflammation of tendons and joints to name a few.

For BJJ/MMA Athletes you are only as strong as weakest attribute and I often see flexibility and Mobility been an issues for most … but specially Athletes who are at the heavier sides (either fat or muscle). For Older practitioners spending time on Flexibility and Mobility can be at times more important then than sports (BJJ, MMA, Kickboxing … stc) based training.

I used to train with a 3rd degree Black Belt in TKD and a Purple Belt in BJJ, when we practiced Guard Passing Drills his ability to do a full box splits allowed him to retain guard very easy, He spent a lot of time working his flexibility.

I have been guilty of neglecting both of these aspects in the past, so I am planning on doing the following to help address these areas:-

Foam Rolling – Rolling your muscles over a foam tube, lacrosse ball or even a barbell can help release tight spots through self-massage. There is a bunch of information on Youtube and even Argos are now selling foam rollers.

Mobility Drills – Kelly from MobilityWOD is the man when it comes to Mobility, the Drills are geared around improving your range of motion in your Joints. His book “Supple Leopard” is a fantastic resource and I am currently working through leg exercises. Supple Leopard book –

Stretches – I have signed up to “Yoga for BJJ” and I have started some of the Shoulder stretches after training, I am really looking forward to seeing my improvement over the next few months. So follow me and I will post some pictures up.

So what is your plan?

When to Spar in a Class?

Everyone wants to spar …. but when is the best time to do it?

Traditional in Martial Arts the format of a session is usually the same …

  1. Warm up
  2. Lean a new Technique/Drill
  3. Spar or Roll

John Kavanagh

There are wide variations on each of these sections of a class are delivered and the practicality depending on the Instructor, how they coach and the  level of the students you are teaching. In the “Learn a new Technique/Drill” section you can also have Progressive Resistance or positional sparring which sit on the blurry line of “What is drilling and What is Sparring” argument… but that is for another time.

I attended a seminar with John Kavanagh at the old Cage Steel gym many years ago and one of the things John did in his seminar which I found very interesting … Everyone sparred straight after warming up!

His explanation why he did this was as a coach very through provoking, John explained that some students are just waiting to spar, so if you get that out of the way early then students can focus on the techniques.

What made me remember this seminar was an article I came across by Ollie Geddes a BJJ Black Belt and world champion, where the structure of his class was very different to the “Traditional” class format.

Timeline for a 90 minute class

Warm-up and mobilisation – 15 minutes
First rolling period – 10 minutes
Technique – 25 minutes
Technique sparring – 10 minutes
Sparring – 30 minutes

Click on the below link for the article:-


Does this method work for MMA or other martial arts?

I think this is a really interesting idea, but I would like to hear from Instructors and Students who are currently running or attending a class which is structured this way, so please leave a comment.


X-Guard Movement Drill

The last week in the BJJ classes at Fulinkazan we have been working some X-Guard sweeps, but we have been doing this drill which I came a across on the Grapplearts Youtube channel

This is a great drill for both the bottom and top BJJ player, the bottom player has to move around and the top player has to keep their balance.

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