Film – Double Dragon 

Like many popular games … a film was created … you lucky … lucky people… but remember it’s not just a game

Double Dragon started out as an Arcade Machine which has taken more 10 pence peices from me than any other game in my miss spent youth. It also came out on some of there earlier consoles and computers and it is safe to say it was one of my favourite games and probably one of the reason I got involved in martial arts.

The film was release in 1994 and no one has ever heard of it ….. so it brilliant. The legend of the Double dragon is based around 2 medallion’s, a king had to scarifies himself to create a medallion …..

“WHAT THE F£@K! … How the hell does that work”

  1. Stop yelling at me, I didn’t make the film.
  2. I don’t know … or care just go with the story.

… any way 1 medallion has powers over the body and the other over the soul.
We are introduced to this arse hole below, he explains he how the medallion had been hide so they could not used for EVIL !!!!!  Guess what, the dude with the blond high top hair in a big office is the bad guy! Classic 80’s brilliance

Our 2 hero’s live in a post apocalyptic time, with weird karate tourneyments and curfues. I think films like the “The Purge” have clearly been inspired by this master piece, if you are caught outside after curfues your life is at risk.

So with out giving too much away … an adventure begins, They make some friends, suffer a loss, they meet a girl and karate fights which is fantastic !

We also learn a great life lesson around taking questionable drugs … remember kids play fair or you will send up looking like a hemorrhoid.

In this film we learn some fantastic life lesson and the banter is top notch so don’t waist your time with Netflix or Sky TV, get your self over to Youtube and investing your future.


Film – Skew (Horror)

Starts of with the usual “young people getting together for a road trip” and there is always one guy filming to capture the adventures that is about to go down.

We start our trip with 2 guys and one girl … “Blair witch did this you arse holes !!!!” I hear you cry … But wait … The girl in the Blair witch film didn’t wear blue vulurler pants like my gran … The lead lady in this film does … So in the first couple of minutes we can make the following assumptions

1. There was no budget, the women owned the pants.

2. There was very little budget for clothes so they had to shop in a flee market/car boot.

So do we press on and watch this … I am a Yorkshire man and despite how bad it is I am watching it as I have spent money. Also the plane movies are really limited. With out giving too much away, the film is Cam based (Blair witch style … Again remember the pants … It’s not Blair Witch). There is a couple of things that bugged me from the off with this film.

There is a weird noise that happens, like a little boom (similar to Paranormal Activity) which I thought would mean something is about to happen … But they use it in bits it does not belong. The acting isn’t great … But we knew that was going to happen because of the blue pants and some of it might be down to the script been little clunky.

It is about 30 mins in things start happening, and there is a pretty good scene which is jumpy…. There are 2 jumpy bits … That’s it.

Overall this film was Poor … If I hadn’t been stuck on a Thomas Cook flight I would of turned it off.

Film – Northwest (Drama)

It is a bit of an anti-hero as the film starts with the lead character robbing some ones house.

The film I about a 18yr old lad called Casper who makes his money robbing houses and selling at the “shop” which is run by one of the local gangs.He is contact then given a task by an organised crime boss and offered a new job with job prospects.

He quickly raises through the ranks which only puts the local gangs noise out of joint … Which can only end in conflict. It isn’t in English but it one hell of a cracking film, with an ending I really liked.

It was easy to get into the film even with the subtitles I would recommend this film to anyone after a gritty drama. It is available on iTunes.

Real Martial Arts Movies – Part 4 – No Surender

We all know that the most important actor in the 80’s was Corey Feldman … no further discussion is needed on the subject … you like Goonies … there you go … I win.

Not sure who he is? HOW DARE YOU !!!! you have been raised no better than some sort of wild animal… he was Mouth in “Goonies” … that rock kid in “The Burbs” … AND he was Taylor in the amazing “No Surender” (also know as A Dangerous Place).


But Corey does not play the good guy … Why would we waste such talent. Our hero Ethan is a young Karate Student who believes his older brother was killed by the Scorpions and the only way he can learn what really happened is to infiltrate the group to get his proof.

A dangerous place
The investigation begins

With the Scorpions been the bad guys Ethan quickly get more than he bargained for and the final challenge. I know tense … but what do you expect from a bunch of dudes in Red Gi’s.

Will he prove himself in Scorpions Dojo?

Will he be able to win the heart of his high school squeeze?


Will he have to take part in “Scavenging”? Will there be an final battle?

There are some quality bits in the film which you need to pay attention too:-
1. At the beginning of the film, the Scorpions are dropped off by one of the guys mum, with the back story of “Going bowling” and not wanting to look lame so drop us off a couple of away is some of the best writing of this century. The plot twist that happens is bordering on genius as we find out the true nature of this lads night out.

2. When I bought the Video from a car boot many years ago, the film was titled “No Surrender” but if you search on Youtube for this master piece you need to look for “Dangerous Places”. There is a fantastic bit in the film where our hero manages to get the title of the film in to hs dialog … see if you can spot it.

All the twist and turns in this film can be hard to keep up with but for you kids moving up to high school this should be on your list of films to watch in preparation … because as you will learn … High schools can be “Dangerous Places” BOOM!

Real Martial Arts Movies – Part 3 – King of the Kickboxer

Two words … Billy Blanks … nope this isn’t Tae-Bo

How can I discribe this film up …. think Kick boxer meets 8mm


Martial arts experts are lurd in to leading Movie roles with the promise of fame and fortune … Dispite all the filming happening in the Phillipines … Dispite the film set been a low rent afair.

Billy Blanks plays “Kahn” a Kickboxing Champion

Kahn is a heavy weight kick-box champion, who often kills his opponents in front of the running camera, to sell it on video tape. Jake had to witness once how his brother was killed by him, and now has come for revenge. But first he has to improve his fighting skills; he asks Phang, the only person in the whole world who ever had Khan down on his back, to train him until he is a match for him.

Why is Khan such an unstoppable force? He has a combination which cannot stopped  … at all … the end of. “Spen could I sprawl” No! … “What is I did one of those leg sweep things” … NO!!!

So how is our is our hero going to avenge his brother? He is going to need to be trained by the best … but that is not available … so let’s go with the 2nd best … Phang!



Phang is a hermit and believe it or not is a martial arts master … who would of guessed? Will he help our hero prepare for the fight of his life with Khan to avenge his brother?

What is his back story and how does it tie in with Khan?

Will he help our hero get laid in a really weird dated way with his new love interest?

Again … Yeap … there is a final battle

Billy Blanks produces some classic scenes because of his impeccable acting skills … it is a shame his dialog was kept to a minimum, but he does all his talking with his Martial Arts Skills! This film was my first introduction too Billy Blanks and I was massively disappointed in his Tae-Bo DVD because he didn’t show his patented combination from King of the Kickboxer’s.

Real Martial Arts Movies – Part 2 – College Kickboxer

The best College based Martial Arts film ever made

It is coming to the end of the school year and for some of my Students it won’t be long before some will be starting at University, this next movie will help those people work through some potentially difficult situations. So grab a note pad, take notes and make sure you watch the film in preparation for September.

I don’t want to spoil the film, but here are some life lessons I have taken and I think are importation for us all.

Our hero James Caulfield is a freshman and this bright eyed youth is unaware of the challenges that he will face, his first comes in the form of his new room mate …

It wasn’t love at first sight

Lesson 1 – Always take your Martial arts Trophies and Certificates with you, any problems/conflicts bust them out and show them to would be trouble causers.

Getting a part time job can be a great way to help finanace your studies … but you may have tricky customers to deal with

The bad guy – TANNER!

Lesson 2 – Make friends with the unassuming fat cook …. chances are he is a Kung fu master

So the fat cook sorts out the bad guy and saves your bacon … it is time to learn from the master

Training Montage

Lesson 3 – Bro Sciences Bro …. it doesn’t matter how dumb the training is … do it

But is not all Martial Arts, working and reading 1 book … love is in the air

He falls in love ….

Lesson 4 – If the girl says she is not interested … pretend to be interested in studying … chick love that kind of stuff

In the end … be the bigger man

Tense Final Battle

Lesson 5 – Even if he tries to kill you … its ok.

I bought this video many years ago at a car boot sales for £1 … worth every penny.

Real Martial Arts Movies – Part 1 – Arena

It has come to my attention that our Education System is failing our Children!!

Shockingly only 10% of today’s youths have see the original “Blood Sport” movie, 0% had seen “Arena” or “No Holds Barred”.

So to help our kids I have put together a guide to help get a more balanced and complete education, these movies not only shaped some of the most influential business leaders in the world, they are essential in understanding conversions some of the older Fulinkazan peps Martial arts Journey

ARENA (1989)

  • Bro … do you UFC?
  • Bro … do you UFC in space?
  • Bro … do you UFC in space against monsters?

That is right kids, if Dana White was to start an intergalactic UFC event with Aliens this is what it would look like:-

Kids these days will never know the excitement of heading to the Video Shop on a Saturday, one of the videos I would always see but often told no by my mum and dad was the master piece that is called “Arena”.

A story set in the future on a space station where our hero Steve Armstrong aspires to be an Arena fighter to take on fighters from across the galaxy, Struggling to break in to the Arena he picks up some work as a “Short hand cook” where he be friends “Shorty” who gets in to trouble with with some unhappy customers.

My Hero
My Hero!!!

Push comes to shove and Steve takes the problem in to his own hands and ends up fighting with the disgruntled customer and after beating him and losing his job he is forced to live in the slums with Shorty.

I know …. pretty epic right…Will Steve get his chance in the Arena to compete against the Galaxy’s best fighters?

Again … I know … you are super excited about seeing this film, but I imaging you are now worried you will never see this amazing film … Thank you Netflix!!!

Kids … put your Sciences and Math books down … it is time to learn some you can apply to real life.