Climax of Bangala – Patong – £££

Climax of Bangala – Patong – £££

Although it sounds like a stripe bar and been on Bangala I would not blame you for thinking so … The Climax restaurant is a brilliant little find and well worth a visit.

The drinks are reasonable prices and the staff are great, we was given bread one of which was charcoal and the other tomato both was very nice and interesting.

Tip 1 – don’t order 2 plates of spring rolls for 2 people you get plenty in 1 portion. They are very nice as well !!!

We had a chicken and rice and beef massamen curry to share and both were brilliant. We was give a couple of complementary Truffles which was very nice.

The service was great and food was lovely , price was mid range but a very good 4 out of 5.

EuroThai – Patong Phuket – £

Service was a little slow but we was seated quickly with drinks, dispute the small restaurant been so busy. We had stopped for a late lunch (14:00) after traveling from Bangkok.

We orders the Pad see eew with pork, pad Thai with chicken. Both was extremely tasty with the noodles on the pad see eew been thicker than I have had in Thailand but really went well with the dish.

For both dishes and 2 bottles of coke the bill came to 340baht which seemed very reasonable for a tasty meal.

Overall, great price, lovely tasting food but a little slow on the service it is 4 out of 5 but it is well worth a visit.

Smooth Curry – Bangkok – ££££

On our first night in Bangkok, after 16 hours of travel, walking 10 miles we had very little energy to walk around looking for some where to eat we headed to trip advisor for a suggestion which was close to our hotel.

Smooth Curry came with some excellent reviews and was quite close to our hotel, so we made the short walk. Based in a hotel, you have to take a lift and head to the end of the corridor (past Silk Road).

It is quite small but decorated nicely, the staff are friendly and attentive, the service is very good. The food is amazing, we was give a lovely prawn dish and for starters we had the mix starter sampler which came spring rolls, fish cake, chicken all of which are great.

For the main course we had the beef shin massamen which was wonderful and a chicken dish with a coating of deep fired prawn, shrimp coating which was very different from anything I have had before and I loved it.

We ordered a mixed Thai style rice as well which brought another layer to the meal. After all that we couldn’t eat any desert.

For a starters, 2 mains with rice, 2 glasses of wine, 1 beer with service charge cost just over 3000 bhat. Overall my wife and I enjoyed the meal, the service was excellent.


Gringos Huddersfield

In 2016 my wife and I headed to Gingos Mexican and smokehouse in Huddersfield, we hadn’t booked but they was able to find us a table even thought it was quite busy.

My starter was a Taco with a Chrispy taco shell which was ok, the guacamole was a little disappointing as it was not fresh and tasted like long life jar guacamole.

For my my main I had a nachos with mixed meats (some smoked) which again was only let down by the Guacamole and the sour cream.

Overall the food was ok, the staff did a good job. The atmosphere is nice but with a tin roof it echos the noise.

For me, it was ok and would get a 3 out of 5


Kimera Koffee

I love coffee !!! no …. I really love coffee … often too much. I have a full-time management job, I own a Martial art academy with over 30 active fighters so days are long and my good friend coffee gets me through the day.

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But … I tend to find that my reliance on the wonderful warm lovely bringer of energy and alertness can at time leave me with feeling cloudy and struggle to sleep.

I am currently preparing for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition in which I have 6 weeks to cut 14kg, these means: –
1. Increased Energy expenditure (Training)
2. Decrease in Calorie intake (Diet)
3. Increase recovery time to deal with training stress (Sleep, Ice baths, etc.)

Typically, I would supplement points 1 (Training) and 2 (diet) with a large amount of coffee, but there are no free rides. Drink a lot of the coffee negatively effected my sleeping patterns, this had a waterfall effect on my training and performance.

I have played with the supplement Alpha Brain which is a nootropic from Onnit, which helps brain function but I did not see a big difference. I have not written it off but I need to do some more testing and this is where Kimera Koffee comes in.

I came across Kimera Koffee from Gary Tonnon, he is currently sponsored by them and I really enjoy his style of grappling. Kimera Koffee (yes, it is spelt with a K) is coffee with Nootropics!!! Hooray! Something I love (coffee) with something I want to test (Nootropics)

So how am I going to use this coffee? The Dolce Diet seems to be the best diet for me to make weight for competition, and as part of this diet, I have coffee for Breakfast and Lunch (Dinner if you’re from Yorkshire). This is normally a bit of a struggle to go down to just 2 cups of coffee a day, as I need my caffeine hit every couple of hours.

Taste – I tried both types of the coffee and I have come to the conclusion that I may have broken my taste buds with level 6 strength coffee for the last 6 months. What I found is over a couple of days and only having 2 coffees a day, the flavour came through I found both the medium and dark roast smooth and I found it easy to drink with or with out stevia.

Effect – As I have mentioned … I was expecting a crash in focus and energy levels but I didn’t, I felt like I had a good level of focus throughout the day without the foggy feeling.
With regards to the Nootropics, I did feel more “Switched on” which was interesting. I have some real challenges both at work and with my Martial team, but I have felt a little more levelled to work and think through the challenges. Kimera coffee has peaked my interest again in Nootropics, because I have felt the effects/seen an improvement in focus.

Overall – Money talks … and I have gone and bought another 2 bags, I like the taste, I am sleeping better without crashing through the day and I have seen an improvement in my focus.

Click on the below image to get your bag of coffee from the brilliant

Tappino’s in Cleckheaton

My Wife and I really enjoy Aldos and for some time we have been really looking forward to trying out Tappinos which is owned and operated by the same people. I could not count how many meals we have had at Aldos, Birthdays, Family meals and this has also been the venue for many romantic meals with my wife.

Because of the great food and service at Aldos it is a very popular and busy restaurant with a great buzz. Tappinos is very different, we was able to book with out any problems, the decor of the restaurant was very rustic with a quieter buzz than than its bigger brother Aldos.

Tappinos server “Italian Tapas” which is a fantastic idea, my wife and tried to do the Tapas idea with starters at Aldos once, we ordered 5 starter dishes on one of our visits which lead to staff moving us to a larger table and 2 rather full belly’s.

The staff are very friendly and deliver great service, top this with some fantastic food … we my have found our new favourite restaurant in Cleckheaton. Our meal for 2 people for 6 dishes, 2 deserts, 1 bottle of wine and a Beer came to around £80 which seemed pretty reasonable.

Bem Brasil – Leeds

To celebrate the delivery of some large projects, my work offered to pay for a meal for my team, we tried to book into Fazenda but unfortunately it was full, which is why we ended up at Bem Brazil.

The restaurant serves meat on a massive sword so you can sit back and feast like a medieval King or Queen, this is a Brazilian style of BBQ called Rodizio. We started with a visit to the salad bar, I had the Black beans, cheese balls bread and they were nice but not as good as Fazenda, the worse part of the salad bar was the Brazilian farofa, a manioc flour with bacon flavour which really wasn’t good.

Then came the meat !!! all the meat was seasoned well for my taste but some of the meat was a little over done … again for my taste I do prefer meat to be a little pink/red, the skirt was very nice but I was a little disappointed not to try the Chicken hearts and Lamb. One thing that I found very strange with the menu was if you want Seafood, there was an additional charge of £10 on top of the regular fee, which seems a little steep.



The service was ok the Passadors (chaps carrying around the swords of meat) seemed a little rushed and some time lead to people in our party missing some of the meat. Our waitress was very good with our party, we had 17 chaps all drinking and she was very patient when waiting for drinks orders.


Overall the meal and experience was good, the only problem Bem Brasil will have is if customers have visited Fazanda first. Fazanda sets the bar quite high for Rodizio in the Leeds area and with the prices been quite similar my preference would be towards Fazanda.

Bradford Food – Pizza Pieces

Some people grow up with memories of happy meals or sitting in burger king with a crown resting on their head as a small child on Saturday afternoon. Although I did from time to time go to McDonalds my Saturday afternoon treat if I went shopping with my mum was “Pizza Pieces”.

A family run business which can be found on Market Street in the City Centre of Bradford has been in operation for over 20 years, the owner Antonio Bariero did have some difficulty in 2012 due to the Westfield development (T&A Article), but I am happy to say they are still open and making great Pizza.

They server different variations of pizza, you can buy a quarter slice of a 16” Pizza, fries and a drink for the same price as a McDonalds meal, The pizza is freshly made on premises but there are Pasta’s, Salads and deserts available as well. When I visit I usually go with a peperoni slice and a tomato garlic slice, but the pasta is well worth a try also.

I don’t remember ever having a bad Pizza from Pizza Pieces and I have been a customer for over 25 years, I love that I have grown up eating in here,  I have organised meals with my teams at work and Pizza Pieces actual featured in my wedding speech.

You can can check out other peoples opinions on Trip advisor-  Trip Advisor – Pizza Pieces

I love the direction Bradford is going supporting local businesses at the top end of town in the independent but you really must check out Pizza Pieces at the bottom end of the city centre and tell them … “Spenfu sent me” Winking smile


Bradford Food – Shimlas


Worlds best Chicken Doner?

Bradford is know as the Curry capital of the UK and with good reason as people through out the country travel to Bradford to sample our amazing spicy cuisine. There is a Curry Festival held in Bradford every years and it is the home of Mumtaz curries which are now available in CO-OPS across the UK.

There is a a hidden gem in Bradford and although they do server some lovely looking curries there is only one thing I order when I visit and that is the Chicken Doner Kebab … “A Kebab!” I here you cry …

Yum ... Yum ... Yum
The Mixed Donner

Shimlas which can be found near the University Sports centre servers the most amazing chicken donnar kebab, it is served with cooling yogurt and spice chili suace, a salad (with a pickled chill … YUM) and a large nan bread.

It is severed in a DIY style when you eat in the restaurant with the contents on a plate and the nan in a basket and then you choose what you do next. Most seam to tear of some bread and pick up.

The price is also very reasonable at only £5.50 for a chicken Donner which will fill most, it is a real bargain.

Web –

Address – 123-125 Great Horton Rd, Bradford BD7 1PS