Film – Double Dragon 

Like many popular games … a film was created … you lucky … lucky people… but remember it’s not just a game

Double Dragon started out as an Arcade Machine which has taken more 10 pence peices from me than any other game in my miss spent youth. It also came out on some of there earlier consoles and computers and it is safe to say it was one of my favourite games and probably one of the reason I got involved in martial arts.

The film was release in 1994 and no one has ever heard of it ….. so it brilliant. The legend of the Double dragon is based around 2 medallion’s, a king had to scarifies himself to create a medallion …..

“WHAT THE F£@K! … How the hell does that work”

  1. Stop yelling at me, I didn’t make the film.
  2. I don’t know … or care just go with the story.

… any way 1 medallion has powers over the body and the other over the soul.
We are introduced to this arse hole below, he explains he how the medallion had been hide so they could not used for EVIL !!!!!  Guess what, the dude with the blond high top hair in a big office is the bad guy! Classic 80’s brilliance

Our 2 hero’s live in a post apocalyptic time, with weird karate tourneyments and curfues. I think films like the “The Purge” have clearly been inspired by this master piece, if you are caught outside after curfues your life is at risk.

So with out giving too much away … an adventure begins, They make some friends, suffer a loss, they meet a girl and karate fights which is fantastic !

We also learn a great life lesson around taking questionable drugs … remember kids play fair or you will send up looking like a hemorrhoid.

In this film we learn some fantastic life lesson and the banter is top notch so don’t waist your time with Netflix or Sky TV, get your self over to Youtube and investing your future.


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