Film – Skew (Horror)

Starts of with the usual “young people getting together for a road trip” and there is always one guy filming to capture the adventures that is about to go down.

We start our trip with 2 guys and one girl … “Blair witch did this you arse holes !!!!” I hear you cry … But wait … The girl in the Blair witch film didn’t wear blue vulurler pants like my gran … The lead lady in this film does … So in the first couple of minutes we can make the following assumptions

1. There was no budget, the women owned the pants.

2. There was very little budget for clothes so they had to shop in a flee market/car boot.

So do we press on and watch this … I am a Yorkshire man and despite how bad it is I am watching it as I have spent money. Also the plane movies are really limited. With out giving too much away, the film is Cam based (Blair witch style … Again remember the pants … It’s not Blair Witch). There is a couple of things that bugged me from the off with this film.

There is a weird noise that happens, like a little boom (similar to Paranormal Activity) which I thought would mean something is about to happen … But they use it in bits it does not belong. The acting isn’t great … But we knew that was going to happen because of the blue pants and some of it might be down to the script been little clunky.

It is about 30 mins in things start happening, and there is a pretty good scene which is jumpy…. There are 2 jumpy bits … That’s it.

Overall this film was Poor … If I hadn’t been stuck on a Thomas Cook flight I would of turned it off.

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