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I love coffee !!! no …. I really love coffee … often too much. I have a full-time management job, I own a Martial art academy with over 30 active fighters so days are long and my good friend coffee gets me through the day.

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But … I tend to find that my reliance on the wonderful warm lovely bringer of energy and alertness can at time leave me with feeling cloudy and struggle to sleep.

I am currently preparing for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition in which I have 6 weeks to cut 14kg, these means: –
1. Increased Energy expenditure (Training)
2. Decrease in Calorie intake (Diet)
3. Increase recovery time to deal with training stress (Sleep, Ice baths, etc.)

Typically, I would supplement points 1 (Training) and 2 (diet) with a large amount of coffee, but there are no free rides. Drink a lot of the coffee negatively effected my sleeping patterns, this had a waterfall effect on my training and performance.

I have played with the supplement Alpha Brain which is a nootropic from Onnit, which helps brain function but I did not see a big difference. I have not written it off but I need to do some more testing and this is where Kimera Koffee comes in.

I came across Kimera Koffee from Gary Tonnon, he is currently sponsored by them and I really enjoy his style of grappling. Kimera Koffee (yes, it is spelt with a K) is coffee with Nootropics!!! Hooray! Something I love (coffee) with something I want to test (Nootropics)

So how am I going to use this coffee? The Dolce Diet seems to be the best diet for me to make weight for competition, and as part of this diet, I have coffee for Breakfast and Lunch (Dinner if you’re from Yorkshire). This is normally a bit of a struggle to go down to just 2 cups of coffee a day, as I need my caffeine hit every couple of hours.

Taste – I tried both types of the coffee and I have come to the conclusion that I may have broken my taste buds with level 6 strength coffee for the last 6 months. What I found is over a couple of days and only having 2 coffees a day, the flavour came through I found both the medium and dark roast smooth and I found it easy to drink with or with out stevia.

Effect – As I have mentioned … I was expecting a crash in focus and energy levels but I didn’t, I felt like I had a good level of focus throughout the day without the foggy feeling.
With regards to the Nootropics, I did feel more “Switched on” which was interesting. I have some real challenges both at work and with my Martial team, but I have felt a little more levelled to work and think through the challenges. Kimera coffee has peaked my interest again in Nootropics, because I have felt the effects/seen an improvement in focus.

Overall – Money talks … and I have gone and bought another 2 bags, I like the taste, I am sleeping better without crashing through the day and I have seen an improvement in my focus.

Click on the below image to get your bag of coffee from the brilliant

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