Real Martial Arts Movies – Part 4 – No Surender

We all know that the most important actor in the 80’s was Corey Feldman … no further discussion is needed on the subject … you like Goonies … there you go … I win.

Not sure who he is? HOW DARE YOU !!!! you have been raised no better than some sort of wild animal… he was Mouth in “Goonies” … that rock kid in “The Burbs” … AND he was Taylor in the amazing “No Surender” (also know as A Dangerous Place).


But Corey does not play the good guy … Why would we waste such talent. Our hero Ethan is a young Karate Student who believes his older brother was killed by the Scorpions and the only way he can learn what really happened is to infiltrate the group to get his proof.

A dangerous place
The investigation begins

With the Scorpions been the bad guys Ethan quickly get more than he bargained for and the final challenge. I know tense … but what do you expect from a bunch of dudes in Red Gi’s.

Will he prove himself in Scorpions Dojo?

Will he be able to win the heart of his high school squeeze?


Will he have to take part in “Scavenging”? Will there be an final battle?

There are some quality bits in the film which you need to pay attention too:-
1. At the beginning of the film, the Scorpions are dropped off by one of the guys mum, with the back story of “Going bowling” and not wanting to look lame so drop us off a couple of away is some of the best writing of this century. The plot twist that happens is bordering on genius as we find out the true nature of this lads night out.

2. When I bought the Video from a car boot many years ago, the film was titled “No Surrender” but if you search on Youtube for this master piece you need to look for “Dangerous Places”. There is a fantastic bit in the film where our hero manages to get the title of the film in to hs dialog … see if you can spot it.

All the twist and turns in this film can be hard to keep up with but for you kids moving up to high school this should be on your list of films to watch in preparation … because as you will learn … High schools can be “Dangerous Places” BOOM!

Blood Bowl 2 – Dwarf Team (Part 4)

This is part 4 of my newbie journey playing with a Dwarf Team in Blood Bowl 2 on the PS4 … Offence!!!

Here are the Blogs 1-3 on playing Blood Bowl with the Dwarf team:-

Spenfu Dwarf Blood BowlSpenfuDwarf-Part2








Disclaimer – “I don’t claim to be an expert … and I don’t play one on TV”, this is my experience only I do not claim to be an expert.


The tactics are pretty simple, pick the ball up using the runner and usually using his Sure hands skill and if your really unlucky a re-roll as well, then cage that play then bash your way up the field. In the below example from

Cage the ball

I really like having the Troll Slayers outside the cage and using them for blitzing actions.  In the above example, the troll slayer is just to the right of the cage near the sideline, so if the opponent try’s to come around the right hand side you can block/blitz them into the crowd.

I try not to have long beards in the cage if I need a quick (nothing is really quick with dwarfs) Touch down, as you will be only able to move the cage up the field at the Long beards movement allowance. There is some really good information here on the basics of the Cage…

Cage Basics


Real Martial Arts Movies – Part 3 – King of the Kickboxer

Two words … Billy Blanks … nope this isn’t Tae-Bo

How can I discribe this film up …. think Kick boxer meets 8mm


Martial arts experts are lurd in to leading Movie roles with the promise of fame and fortune … Dispite all the filming happening in the Phillipines … Dispite the film set been a low rent afair.

Billy Blanks plays “Kahn” a Kickboxing Champion

Kahn is a heavy weight kick-box champion, who often kills his opponents in front of the running camera, to sell it on video tape. Jake had to witness once how his brother was killed by him, and now has come for revenge. But first he has to improve his fighting skills; he asks Phang, the only person in the whole world who ever had Khan down on his back, to train him until he is a match for him.

Why is Khan such an unstoppable force? He has a combination which cannot stopped  … at all … the end of. “Spen could I sprawl” No! … “What is I did one of those leg sweep things” … NO!!!

So how is our is our hero going to avenge his brother? He is going to need to be trained by the best … but that is not available … so let’s go with the 2nd best … Phang!



Phang is a hermit and believe it or not is a martial arts master … who would of guessed? Will he help our hero prepare for the fight of his life with Khan to avenge his brother?

What is his back story and how does it tie in with Khan?

Will he help our hero get laid in a really weird dated way with his new love interest?

Again … Yeap … there is a final battle

Billy Blanks produces some classic scenes because of his impeccable acting skills … it is a shame his dialog was kept to a minimum, but he does all his talking with his Martial Arts Skills! This film was my first introduction too Billy Blanks and I was massively disappointed in his Tae-Bo DVD because he didn’t show his patented combination from King of the Kickboxer’s.

Blood Bowl 2 – Dwarf Team (Part 3)

This is part 3 of my newbie journey playing with a Dwarf Team in Blood Bowl 2 on the PS4

Here are the first 2 post about the dwarf team I am playing:-

Spenfu Dwarf Blood BowlSpenfuDwarf-Part2


Disclaimer – “I don’t claim to be an expert … and I don’t play one on TV”, this is my experience only I do not claim to be an expert.

Defense against a Bashy/Running Team’s

“STOP GOING ON ABOUT the Limitations of the DWARF TEAM!!!!”

I am sorry but I have found the lack of speed of the Long Beards has not only limited defending against fast/agile teams, it also limits playing against bashy teams … Lets be honest, with a dwarfs team you are entering a ball kicking competition and the team that does not get up loses.

With the the Longbeards, the high Armour value, thick skull and block really helps with been able to get up, tie up players (even big guys) with a smaller risk of injury, create tackle zones for Skinks/goblins… Just keep them involved in the game!

Runners I tend to drop back a little to grab any players who might break the line and keep an eye on any of the smaller players (again Goblins and Skinks), Blitzers I like to put just behind the Longbeards to plug any gaps in the line or to help slow the cage of the opponent.

The slayers can be played a couple of different ways, I personally don’t like to have them on the front line, I usually sit them just behind so when Long Beards are moved back if the opponent follows the slayers get a block.


If the opponent does not follow up with after pushing back, the slayers can be used to biltz and create gaps. If your opponent is going to cage down the middle of the field then you can switch the slayers with the line Longbeards on the same line and blitz your way in from the side.

That is pretty much it … Grab something … beat it up and smash your way to the ball. The only dynamic part of the game will come from the Slayers as the Frenzy skill gives you multiple blocks/blitz which helps create gaps/holes in cages.

What are you doing differently with the dwarf team? Any advice or help you want to throw my way?

Real Martial Arts Movies – Part 2 – College Kickboxer

The best College based Martial Arts film ever made

It is coming to the end of the school year and for some of my Students it won’t be long before some will be starting at University, this next movie will help those people work through some potentially difficult situations. So grab a note pad, take notes and make sure you watch the film in preparation for September.

I don’t want to spoil the film, but here are some life lessons I have taken and I think are importation for us all.

Our hero James Caulfield is a freshman and this bright eyed youth is unaware of the challenges that he will face, his first comes in the form of his new room mate …

It wasn’t love at first sight

Lesson 1 – Always take your Martial arts Trophies and Certificates with you, any problems/conflicts bust them out and show them to would be trouble causers.

Getting a part time job can be a great way to help finanace your studies … but you may have tricky customers to deal with

The bad guy – TANNER!

Lesson 2 – Make friends with the unassuming fat cook …. chances are he is a Kung fu master

So the fat cook sorts out the bad guy and saves your bacon … it is time to learn from the master

Training Montage

Lesson 3 – Bro Sciences Bro …. it doesn’t matter how dumb the training is … do it

But is not all Martial Arts, working and reading 1 book … love is in the air

He falls in love ….

Lesson 4 – If the girl says she is not interested … pretend to be interested in studying … chick love that kind of stuff

In the end … be the bigger man

Tense Final Battle

Lesson 5 – Even if he tries to kill you … its ok.

I bought this video many years ago at a car boot sales for £1 … worth every penny.

Blood Bowl 2 – Dwarf Team (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my newbie journey playing with a Dwarf Team in Blood Bowl 2 on the PS4

In this article I will go through some of the tactics against Fast/Passing/Agile Teams I have been trying to employ when playing with the dwarf team and the level up skills which helps. If you want to see how I have built my Dwarf Teams check out the first part by clicking the below link:-

Spenfu Dwarf Blood Bowl

Disclaimer – “I don’t claim to be an expert … and I don’t play one on TV”, this is my experience only I do not claim to be an expert.

Tactics Defending – Sweep the leg !!!

Sweep the Leg

I like to refer to this tactic as “sweep the leg” as the slayers move across the field breaking or pushing the opponents into the crowd.

As I mentioned in the first Article when defending against a Team that likes to Pass, I tend to drop the Slayers further back in my starting line up and leave a tackle free zone on the edge of the field for my opponent to run down the side line and use the Frenzy skill of the slayers to knock them into the crowd.


Next I try to drop 2 of the LongBeards back from the scrimmage line to form a line with the Blitzer’s which then creates a line which can drop or slide across to follow the ball.

The 2 Longbeard’s at the end of the line of scrimmage will tie up any players heading down the sidelines and I keep the runners behind the line to pick up any players they get past the line or the Slayers.

Patience and smashing the opponent is key, if you start trying to chase opponents you usually end up chasing and using “Go For It” (GFI) which is not a great idea with a Dwarf Team.

With a bit of luck, you will injury or push off some of the opponents which reduces the numbers and make it easier to cover/tie up the opponents.

Skill – Tackle

Tackle has really helped against fast dodge skilled teams by creating lots of tackle zones the Tackle skill becomes extremely useful as it:-

  • Increases Knock downs on Dodge players.
  • Makes Dodges higher risk
  • Can force opponent to make more rolls

Source –

It is very hard to be tricky with the Dwarf team because of there movement limitations, most of my wins have come through if my opponent win the coin toss and picks to receive the ball allowing the passing team to score, get the ball with enough time to slowly grind your way up the field.

In the second half, tie the ball up, grind your way the field and score in the last turn so there isn’t enough time for you opponent to score again …. ah the glorious 2-1 dwarf victory!

So what do you think, any advice or amendments you would like to suggest?

Real Martial Arts Movies – Part 1 – Arena

It has come to my attention that our Education System is failing our Children!!

Shockingly only 10% of today’s youths have see the original “Blood Sport” movie, 0% had seen “Arena” or “No Holds Barred”.

So to help our kids I have put together a guide to help get a more balanced and complete education, these movies not only shaped some of the most influential business leaders in the world, they are essential in understanding conversions some of the older Fulinkazan peps Martial arts Journey

ARENA (1989)

  • Bro … do you UFC?
  • Bro … do you UFC in space?
  • Bro … do you UFC in space against monsters?

That is right kids, if Dana White was to start an intergalactic UFC event with Aliens this is what it would look like:-

Kids these days will never know the excitement of heading to the Video Shop on a Saturday, one of the videos I would always see but often told no by my mum and dad was the master piece that is called “Arena”.

A story set in the future on a space station where our hero Steve Armstrong aspires to be an Arena fighter to take on fighters from across the galaxy, Struggling to break in to the Arena he picks up some work as a “Short hand cook” where he be friends “Shorty” who gets in to trouble with with some unhappy customers.

My Hero
My Hero!!!

Push comes to shove and Steve takes the problem in to his own hands and ends up fighting with the disgruntled customer and after beating him and losing his job he is forced to live in the slums with Shorty.

I know …. pretty epic right…Will Steve get his chance in the Arena to compete against the Galaxy’s best fighters?

Again … I know … you are super excited about seeing this film, but I imaging you are now worried you will never see this amazing film … Thank you Netflix!!!

Kids … put your Sciences and Math books down … it is time to learn some you can apply to real life.

Blood Bowl 2 – Dwarf Team (Part 1)

I thought it would be good to start a dwarf team when I joined the “Sporting Guild of Sigmar ” league on the PS4 when I noticed there was already 3 Orc teams which is my default team of choice. I have never played BB with a dwarf team before, I do like bashy teams but the speed (or lack of) the Dwarf team can move at is going to be new to me.

I am currently playing Bloodbowl 2 on the PS4, it is a turned based game which has been adapted from the Games Workshop board game Bloodbowl … Think American Football has a baby with the “Lord of the Rings” … Sexy.

There are different races of monsters, humans, Elves and the rest of the gang … this post is around the mighty short pint race of the Dwarf Team. You can find more details on the game here BloodBowl Game

Disclaimer – “I don’t claim to be an expert … and I don’t play one on TV”, this is my experience only I do not claim to be an expert.

I have put in this title part 1 as I still have a lot to learn about the Dwarf team (and Bloodbowl in general), this article I am going to go through starting a dwarf team, the starting line up and general guidelines of playing with the Dwarf team.

If you go through the ideas, playbooks and documents around the internet there is always a discussion around Stronger plays (Black Orcs) compared to plays with Skills (Block) and statistically who has the better odds, what the dwarves lack in speed and strength they make up in skills and toughness.

Selecting your Dwarf team

There are 2 options 1 with a Death Roller and one with out, although having a “Death Roller” was very appealing I choose to go with the first option, when playing fast teams with high agility and dodge it can be hard to get the roller into good use. (Note Blockers = Longbeards)


Source –

The other thing you will need playing with a Dwarf are re-rolls, even though the runners have “Sure hands” and “Block” the dice can be a harsh mistress some times. The good news is they are hard to kill and injure, so you should get through a couple of games before having to replace dead players.

Tactics and starting line ups

As previously mentioned I have found that the speed limitation can be a real issue and you need to have very different game plans then it comes to different teams, I am going to start playing with faster teams in the future to experience the difference, but here is what I have been playing around with.


Receive line up

Source –

Lets not mess about here, the plan is very simple you are going to form a cage (I will go though this at a later) and bash your way up the field and walk you runner into the End Zone. Above is an example starting line up when receiving the ball which is similar to what I have been playing depending on my opponent having a “Big Guy”.

The key with this tactic is keep moving the Long Beards up the field and tying up the opponents, Slayers clear the way using the “Frenzy” and “Dauntless” skills and blitz keep the runner safe.

Movement limitations of the Dwarf Team, this tends to be the tactic for both Bashy and Agile/fast teams… Cage and Kill. The only difference against faster teams would be to drop the Blitzers and Slayers back to protect the Runner.


Bashy lineup

Source –

For me this is where we see a real difference in the tactics for the Dwarf team, above is a really good example of the starting line up against a bashy team. As the front line gets pushed back if the opponent follows up the Slayers and Blitzer get to block the opponent and you keep a strong line where the opponent has to blitz with little blocks.

It is import to slide the line to where the ball is,  then close in and push the opponent to the side line, slower bashy teams should find this hard to work around unless the dice are really against you.

Fast/Agile Teams are a different kettle of fish, with your starting line up you want to make sure you are creating lots of tackle zones which creates as many dodge rolls especially against Wood Elves and Skaven. As the game goes on I have found it is import to keep tying up faster player and make them dodge out or block, because of the toughness of the dwarf team they are usually hard to hurt and the block skill really helps, It is especially important to keep the Longbeards involved in the game as they are the slowest “Pick em up and Tie em up”.

Dwarf Line up

This is one of my starting line ups for a Fast/Agile team and the starting tackle zones of the Kick off line up. I like to put the Slayers to the back so they can pick up any catcher types and frenzy them into the sidelines. Again I am not an expert but it has worked well against teams who like to throw the ball.

Hope that helps, I will be putting a video together with similar information over the next few weeks, if you are interested you can go to my YouTube Channel by clicking the below link:-

Spenfu25 Youtube page

Here is my first attempt of a Blood Bowl Video … sorry it isn’t great:-

BJJ – Mobility Vs Flexibility

In BJJ and MMA we tend to focus on technical training, increasing strength or putting more gas in the tank so we can spar/fight for longer. I have been guilty of neglecting 2 very important aspects of fitness and it common for both to be bundled under the same category … but they are very different.

Mobility is how the joint moves and the range of motion surrounding the joint. Flexibility is the length of the muscle which can effect an persons mobility, if the connected muscles don’t stretch far enough to allow the movement. It is worth noting that there are other issues that can cause problems, inflammation of tendons and joints to name a few.

For BJJ/MMA Athletes you are only as strong as weakest attribute and I often see flexibility and Mobility been an issues for most … but specially Athletes who are at the heavier sides (either fat or muscle). For Older practitioners spending time on Flexibility and Mobility can be at times more important then than sports (BJJ, MMA, Kickboxing … stc) based training.

I used to train with a 3rd degree Black Belt in TKD and a Purple Belt in BJJ, when we practiced Guard Passing Drills his ability to do a full box splits allowed him to retain guard very easy, He spent a lot of time working his flexibility.

I have been guilty of neglecting both of these aspects in the past, so I am planning on doing the following to help address these areas:-

Foam Rolling – Rolling your muscles over a foam tube, lacrosse ball or even a barbell can help release tight spots through self-massage. There is a bunch of information on Youtube and even Argos are now selling foam rollers.

Mobility Drills – Kelly from MobilityWOD is the man when it comes to Mobility, the Drills are geared around improving your range of motion in your Joints. His book “Supple Leopard” is a fantastic resource and I am currently working through leg exercises. Supple Leopard book –

Stretches – I have signed up to “Yoga for BJJ” and I have started some of the Shoulder stretches after training, I am really looking forward to seeing my improvement over the next few months. So follow me and I will post some pictures up.

So what is your plan?