Blood Bowl 2 – Dwarf Team (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my newbie journey playing with a Dwarf Team in Blood Bowl 2 on the PS4

In this article I will go through some of the tactics against Fast/Passing/Agile Teams I have been trying to employ when playing with the dwarf team and the level up skills which helps. If you want to see how I have built my Dwarf Teams check out the first part by clicking the below link:-

Spenfu Dwarf Blood Bowl

Disclaimer – “I don’t claim to be an expert … and I don’t play one on TV”, this is my experience only I do not claim to be an expert.

Tactics Defending – Sweep the leg !!!

Sweep the Leg

I like to refer to this tactic as “sweep the leg” as the slayers move across the field breaking or pushing the opponents into the crowd.

As I mentioned in the first Article when defending against a Team that likes to Pass, I tend to drop the Slayers further back in my starting line up and leave a tackle free zone on the edge of the field for my opponent to run down the side line and use the Frenzy skill of the slayers to knock them into the crowd.


Next I try to drop 2 of the LongBeards back from the scrimmage line to form a line with the Blitzer’s which then creates a line which can drop or slide across to follow the ball.

The 2 Longbeard’s at the end of the line of scrimmage will tie up any players heading down the sidelines and I keep the runners behind the line to pick up any players they get past the line or the Slayers.

Patience and smashing the opponent is key, if you start trying to chase opponents you usually end up chasing and using “Go For It” (GFI) which is not a great idea with a Dwarf Team.

With a bit of luck, you will injury or push off some of the opponents which reduces the numbers and make it easier to cover/tie up the opponents.

Skill – Tackle

Tackle has really helped against fast dodge skilled teams by creating lots of tackle zones the Tackle skill becomes extremely useful as it:-

  • Increases Knock downs on Dodge players.
  • Makes Dodges higher risk
  • Can force opponent to make more rolls

Source –

It is very hard to be tricky with the Dwarf team because of there movement limitations, most of my wins have come through if my opponent win the coin toss and picks to receive the ball allowing the passing team to score, get the ball with enough time to slowly grind your way up the field.

In the second half, tie the ball up, grind your way the field and score in the last turn so there isn’t enough time for you opponent to score again …. ah the glorious 2-1 dwarf victory!

So what do you think, any advice or amendments you would like to suggest?

Real Martial Arts Movies – Part 1 – Arena

It has come to my attention that our Education System is failing our Children!!

Shockingly only 10% of today’s youths have see the original “Blood Sport” movie, 0% had seen “Arena” or “No Holds Barred”.

So to help our kids I have put together a guide to help get a more balanced and complete education, these movies not only shaped some of the most influential business leaders in the world, they are essential in understanding conversions some of the older Fulinkazan peps Martial arts Journey

ARENA (1989)

  • Bro … do you UFC?
  • Bro … do you UFC in space?
  • Bro … do you UFC in space against monsters?

That is right kids, if Dana White was to start an intergalactic UFC event with Aliens this is what it would look like:-

Kids these days will never know the excitement of heading to the Video Shop on a Saturday, one of the videos I would always see but often told no by my mum and dad was the master piece that is called “Arena”.

A story set in the future on a space station where our hero Steve Armstrong aspires to be an Arena fighter to take on fighters from across the galaxy, Struggling to break in to the Arena he picks up some work as a “Short hand cook” where he be friends “Shorty” who gets in to trouble with with some unhappy customers.

My Hero
My Hero!!!

Push comes to shove and Steve takes the problem in to his own hands and ends up fighting with the disgruntled customer and after beating him and losing his job he is forced to live in the slums with Shorty.

I know …. pretty epic right…Will Steve get his chance in the Arena to compete against the Galaxy’s best fighters?

Again … I know … you are super excited about seeing this film, but I imaging you are now worried you will never see this amazing film … Thank you Netflix!!!

Kids … put your Sciences and Math books down … it is time to learn some you can apply to real life.

Blood Bowl 2 – Dwarf Team (Part 1)

I thought it would be good to start a dwarf team when I joined the “Sporting Guild of Sigmar ” league on the PS4 when I noticed there was already 3 Orc teams which is my default team of choice. I have never played BB with a dwarf team before, I do like bashy teams but the speed (or lack of) the Dwarf team can move at is going to be new to me.

I am currently playing Bloodbowl 2 on the PS4, it is a turned based game which has been adapted from the Games Workshop board game Bloodbowl … Think American Football has a baby with the “Lord of the Rings” … Sexy.

There are different races of monsters, humans, Elves and the rest of the gang … this post is around the mighty short pint race of the Dwarf Team. You can find more details on the game here BloodBowl Game

Disclaimer – “I don’t claim to be an expert … and I don’t play one on TV”, this is my experience only I do not claim to be an expert.

I have put in this title part 1 as I still have a lot to learn about the Dwarf team (and Bloodbowl in general), this article I am going to go through starting a dwarf team, the starting line up and general guidelines of playing with the Dwarf team.

If you go through the ideas, playbooks and documents around the internet there is always a discussion around Stronger plays (Black Orcs) compared to plays with Skills (Block) and statistically who has the better odds, what the dwarves lack in speed and strength they make up in skills and toughness.

Selecting your Dwarf team

There are 2 options 1 with a Death Roller and one with out, although having a “Death Roller” was very appealing I choose to go with the first option, when playing fast teams with high agility and dodge it can be hard to get the roller into good use. (Note Blockers = Longbeards)


Source –

The other thing you will need playing with a Dwarf are re-rolls, even though the runners have “Sure hands” and “Block” the dice can be a harsh mistress some times. The good news is they are hard to kill and injure, so you should get through a couple of games before having to replace dead players.

Tactics and starting line ups

As previously mentioned I have found that the speed limitation can be a real issue and you need to have very different game plans then it comes to different teams, I am going to start playing with faster teams in the future to experience the difference, but here is what I have been playing around with.


Receive line up

Source –

Lets not mess about here, the plan is very simple you are going to form a cage (I will go though this at a later) and bash your way up the field and walk you runner into the End Zone. Above is an example starting line up when receiving the ball which is similar to what I have been playing depending on my opponent having a “Big Guy”.

The key with this tactic is keep moving the Long Beards up the field and tying up the opponents, Slayers clear the way using the “Frenzy” and “Dauntless” skills and blitz keep the runner safe.

Movement limitations of the Dwarf Team, this tends to be the tactic for both Bashy and Agile/fast teams… Cage and Kill. The only difference against faster teams would be to drop the Blitzers and Slayers back to protect the Runner.


Bashy lineup

Source –

For me this is where we see a real difference in the tactics for the Dwarf team, above is a really good example of the starting line up against a bashy team. As the front line gets pushed back if the opponent follows up the Slayers and Blitzer get to block the opponent and you keep a strong line where the opponent has to blitz with little blocks.

It is import to slide the line to where the ball is,  then close in and push the opponent to the side line, slower bashy teams should find this hard to work around unless the dice are really against you.

Fast/Agile Teams are a different kettle of fish, with your starting line up you want to make sure you are creating lots of tackle zones which creates as many dodge rolls especially against Wood Elves and Skaven. As the game goes on I have found it is import to keep tying up faster player and make them dodge out or block, because of the toughness of the dwarf team they are usually hard to hurt and the block skill really helps, It is especially important to keep the Longbeards involved in the game as they are the slowest “Pick em up and Tie em up”.

Dwarf Line up

This is one of my starting line ups for a Fast/Agile team and the starting tackle zones of the Kick off line up. I like to put the Slayers to the back so they can pick up any catcher types and frenzy them into the sidelines. Again I am not an expert but it has worked well against teams who like to throw the ball.

Hope that helps, I will be putting a video together with similar information over the next few weeks, if you are interested you can go to my YouTube Channel by clicking the below link:-

Spenfu25 Youtube page

Here is my first attempt of a Blood Bowl Video … sorry it isn’t great:-

BJJ – Mobility Vs Flexibility

In BJJ and MMA we tend to focus on technical training, increasing strength or putting more gas in the tank so we can spar/fight for longer. I have been guilty of neglecting 2 very important aspects of fitness and it common for both to be bundled under the same category … but they are very different.

Mobility is how the joint moves and the range of motion surrounding the joint. Flexibility is the length of the muscle which can effect an persons mobility, if the connected muscles don’t stretch far enough to allow the movement. It is worth noting that there are other issues that can cause problems, inflammation of tendons and joints to name a few.

For BJJ/MMA Athletes you are only as strong as weakest attribute and I often see flexibility and Mobility been an issues for most … but specially Athletes who are at the heavier sides (either fat or muscle). For Older practitioners spending time on Flexibility and Mobility can be at times more important then than sports (BJJ, MMA, Kickboxing … stc) based training.

I used to train with a 3rd degree Black Belt in TKD and a Purple Belt in BJJ, when we practiced Guard Passing Drills his ability to do a full box splits allowed him to retain guard very easy, He spent a lot of time working his flexibility.

I have been guilty of neglecting both of these aspects in the past, so I am planning on doing the following to help address these areas:-

Foam Rolling – Rolling your muscles over a foam tube, lacrosse ball or even a barbell can help release tight spots through self-massage. There is a bunch of information on Youtube and even Argos are now selling foam rollers.

Mobility Drills – Kelly from MobilityWOD is the man when it comes to Mobility, the Drills are geared around improving your range of motion in your Joints. His book “Supple Leopard” is a fantastic resource and I am currently working through leg exercises. Supple Leopard book –

Stretches – I have signed up to “Yoga for BJJ” and I have started some of the Shoulder stretches after training, I am really looking forward to seeing my improvement over the next few months. So follow me and I will post some pictures up.

So what is your plan?

When to Spar in a Class?

Everyone wants to spar …. but when is the best time to do it?

Traditional in Martial Arts the format of a session is usually the same …

  1. Warm up
  2. Lean a new Technique/Drill
  3. Spar or Roll

John Kavanagh

There are wide variations on each of these sections of a class are delivered and the practicality depending on the Instructor, how they coach and the  level of the students you are teaching. In the “Learn a new Technique/Drill” section you can also have Progressive Resistance or positional sparring which sit on the blurry line of “What is drilling and What is Sparring” argument… but that is for another time.

I attended a seminar with John Kavanagh at the old Cage Steel gym many years ago and one of the things John did in his seminar which I found very interesting … Everyone sparred straight after warming up!

His explanation why he did this was as a coach very through provoking, John explained that some students are just waiting to spar, so if you get that out of the way early then students can focus on the techniques.

What made me remember this seminar was an article I came across by Ollie Geddes a BJJ Black Belt and world champion, where the structure of his class was very different to the “Traditional” class format.

Timeline for a 90 minute class

Warm-up and mobilisation – 15 minutes
First rolling period – 10 minutes
Technique – 25 minutes
Technique sparring – 10 minutes
Sparring – 30 minutes

Click on the below link for the article:-


Does this method work for MMA or other martial arts?

I think this is a really interesting idea, but I would like to hear from Instructors and Students who are currently running or attending a class which is structured this way, so please leave a comment.


X-Guard Movement Drill

The last week in the BJJ classes at Fulinkazan we have been working some X-Guard sweeps, but we have been doing this drill which I came a across on the Grapplearts Youtube channel

This is a great drill for both the bottom and top BJJ player, the bottom player has to move around and the top player has to keep their balance.

Bem Brasil – Leeds

To celebrate the delivery of some large projects, my work offered to pay for a meal for my team, we tried to book into Fazenda but unfortunately it was full, which is why we ended up at Bem Brazil.

The restaurant serves meat on a massive sword so you can sit back and feast like a medieval King or Queen, this is a Brazilian style of BBQ called Rodizio. We started with a visit to the salad bar, I had the Black beans, cheese balls bread and they were nice but not as good as Fazenda, the worse part of the salad bar was the Brazilian farofa, a manioc flour with bacon flavour which really wasn’t good.

Then came the meat !!! all the meat was seasoned well for my taste but some of the meat was a little over done … again for my taste I do prefer meat to be a little pink/red, the skirt was very nice but I was a little disappointed not to try the Chicken hearts and Lamb. One thing that I found very strange with the menu was if you want Seafood, there was an additional charge of £10 on top of the regular fee, which seems a little steep.



The service was ok the Passadors (chaps carrying around the swords of meat) seemed a little rushed and some time lead to people in our party missing some of the meat. Our waitress was very good with our party, we had 17 chaps all drinking and she was very patient when waiting for drinks orders.


Overall the meal and experience was good, the only problem Bem Brasil will have is if customers have visited Fazanda first. Fazanda sets the bar quite high for Rodizio in the Leeds area and with the prices been quite similar my preference would be towards Fazanda.

TBT – Weight Loss guide from 2012

Disclaimer –

This is not advice or a suggested program, it is just my findings through experimenting with training and diet. You should always seek professional advice before taking part in any physical fitness program or changes to your diet.
Background –
After getting injured in March, not being able to train and starting “proper” work again I found I had quickly gained weight (fat) due to in-activity. Although I was coaching Martial Arts my participation in physical exercise had reduced significantly and my diet had been pretty poor.
 This is how I lost over 10kg (1.5 Stone) over a 6 week period.
Yes I work in IT, a Baseline is our starting point. Here is mine
Starting weight – 95.6KG
Date – 23/07/2012
This is the heaviest I have been in a 3 years.
Diet Changes
We all know what foods are good and bad, it is amazing how we can convince ourselves that bad food is ok to eat and still expect to meet our weight loss goals.
We all know on the most basic level what foods are going to help our weight loss needs, people sometimes get confused because of fad diets. Here is what I ate and worked for me:-
What tends to work best for me is cutting out processed carbs (Pasta, Rice, Breads etc) and eat more Fibrous Vegetables example:-
Green Beans
The Carbohydrates in fibrous veggies take longer to digest than most process Carbs, which can help you feel fuller for longer because they are high in fibre. I boiled the veggies until they were soft and in most case used Frozen veg as it is quick and easier to prepare.
I didn’t really use any protein drinks in this 6 week period, I got most of my protein from:-
Chicken – Breast (I used this for about 75% of all my meals)
Beef – Extra Lean Mince and steak
Ham – Gammon
Fish – Salmon and Cobbler
For some more meal ideas visit my youtube page
The only fats I used were Extra Virgin Olive oil for cooking, sauces (try and stick with tomato based) and udo choice tablets. Up until the last 2 weeks I would add little bits of chorizo with the veg just to give it a little flavour.
This is the important bit, if you enjoy eating it is important that you try and make things taste nice and this is where seasoning comes in. After boiling my veg I would let is drain and then cover with “Spen’s Special Sprinkle” to give the veggies a little bit of flavour.
Experiment! Chilli flakes, Tabasco, Turmeric, Mixed herbs….
I tried to drink at least 4 litres of water a day, I also had coffee without sugar (most of the time) and Green tea.
Training Changes
As I mentioned before my activity levels had reduced significantly, I had gone from training 2 to 3 times a day to coaching 3 times a week and not really participating in a full hour session…. This had to change.
I change my training to include the following each day Monday to Friday:-
20 mins HIT on a cross trainer or a 30 min run
2 hours of TRAINING (not coaching) in Martial arts (MMA, Kickboxing etc)
At least twice a week I would do a Kettlebell work out also, but what really seems to make the weight fly’s off is the morning training session. I did the HIT/run before eating, this seems to have an excellent effect for me. I didn’t do every day, sometimes I had to work so I may have missed the odd session, don’t beat yourself up that’s life.
MAKE YOUR TRAINING COUNT!!!! Just being in the gym does not burn calories! You need to lift stuff and break a sweat (Sauna does not count) RUN, ROW, BIKE!!!!
It’s everywhere you look cookies, pies, pizza …………. But what do you want? If you want to lose weight (and you have to want it) then you have to train and eat to lose weight.
Did I have any naughty meals? Yes … loads in the 6 week period. Fry ups, Pizza, Chinese food and beer …. And so on but 2 things:-
  1. I only had these meals at a weekend
  2. I had to earn these meals
These 2 rules helped motivate me to get to training and hit the gym!
The other thing is recording your progress, weight, measurements and pictures are really good for this. I have read people would also use pictures, holidays and fights as motivation.
Finished Result
Finishing weight – 83.4kg
Date – 07/09/2012
I lost over 10kg in 6/7 weeks, I had a bunch “Earned Meals” and Beer as well.
This is what worked for me if you are interested in personal training or a personalised training plan email us for more details:-
Suggested Reading
Some very good ideas in here, I have tried a couple of things Tim suggests and have seen a difference. There are some other things I am wanting to experiment with, which I will update you on.
Feed Back
Did this help you lose weight? Let me know it would be great to here from you.

Bradford Food – Pizza Pieces

Some people grow up with memories of happy meals or sitting in burger king with a crown resting on their head as a small child on Saturday afternoon. Although I did from time to time go to McDonalds my Saturday afternoon treat if I went shopping with my mum was “Pizza Pieces”.

A family run business which can be found on Market Street in the City Centre of Bradford has been in operation for over 20 years, the owner Antonio Bariero did have some difficulty in 2012 due to the Westfield development (T&A Article), but I am happy to say they are still open and making great Pizza.

They server different variations of pizza, you can buy a quarter slice of a 16” Pizza, fries and a drink for the same price as a McDonalds meal, The pizza is freshly made on premises but there are Pasta’s, Salads and deserts available as well. When I visit I usually go with a peperoni slice and a tomato garlic slice, but the pasta is well worth a try also.

I don’t remember ever having a bad Pizza from Pizza Pieces and I have been a customer for over 25 years, I love that I have grown up eating in here,  I have organised meals with my teams at work and Pizza Pieces actual featured in my wedding speech.

You can can check out other peoples opinions on Trip advisor-  Trip Advisor – Pizza Pieces

I love the direction Bradford is going supporting local businesses at the top end of town in the independent but you really must check out Pizza Pieces at the bottom end of the city centre and tell them … “Spenfu sent me” Winking smile


Les Kellett – Bradford’s Clown Prince of Wrestling

Up until my early 20’s I loved professional wrestling, I think it came from my Granddad telling me stories when wrestlers would preforming in Bradford and then go out for drinks with my Granddad. This lead me to look into Bradford wrestlers and it wasn’t long until I came across Les Kellett.

Les was born in Laisterdyke to Bill Kellett who was an Engineer, Les left School at 14 and although there was an expectation we would follow in his foot steps, Les became a professional wrestler in 1938.

The second World war did delay Les professional career as he joined the merchant navy as an engineer. After the War he settled in Manchester where he trained with fellow Wrestler Jim Hill who mentored Kellett in a small gym on swaine house road.

It wasn’t long after Les move back to Bradford to wrestle full time and had a “shoot” (Shoot means to have a real fight) trial match with Arthur Belshaw. Belshaw locked up Kellett’s Arm and told Kellett to Submit … “Break it!” was his response. It wasn’t long after this Les Toured the UK gaining fans in every town he visited.

Les wrestling style was often referred to as “clownish” but was one of the most popular British wrestlers before his retirement in 1975 at 53, although he would occasionally wrestle in to his 60’s.

Youtube Video – Les Kellett – British Wrestling’s Comedic King

Outside of the wrestling ring Les had a pig farm, there is a storey I remember reading where before wrestling bout, Les had been bite by a Pig and his hand had swelled up with an infection.

Les arrived at the venue and decide he could not wrestling with his hand blown up, grab won of the younger wrestlers, placed his hand on the floor and told the young lad to stamp on his hand.

The young lad, hesitated (as most of us would) … Les gave him and option “Stamp on my hand … or I’ll Stamp you”. The young wrestler stamped on Les hand and puss from the infection oozed out. In the changing room was a Cala Gas heater, Les put his hand against it to cauterise the wound and went out and wrestled.

When I mentioned Les at my gym it turns out that one of the guys Dad was friends with Les and he would go around and visit Les for a cup of tea and Chat. I would have loved to have met the man but Les passed away in 2002, I still see him as an inspiration as I am another Bradford Grappler.

There is a Twitter account for Les Kellett and a potential film … follow them @KellettFilm