Real Martial Arts Movies – Part 4 – No Surender

We all know that the most important actor in the 80’s was Corey Feldman … no further discussion is needed on the subject … you like Goonies … there you go … I win.

Not sure who he is? HOW DARE YOU !!!! you have been raised no better than some sort of wild animal… he was Mouth in “Goonies” … that rock kid in “The Burbs” … AND he was Taylor in the amazing “No Surender” (also know as A Dangerous Place).


But Corey does not play the good guy … Why would we waste such talent. Our hero Ethan is a young Karate Student who believes his older brother was killed by the Scorpions and the only way he can learn what really happened is to infiltrate the group to get his proof.

A dangerous place
The investigation begins

With the Scorpions been the bad guys Ethan quickly get more than he bargained for and the final challenge. I know tense … but what do you expect from a bunch of dudes in Red Gi’s.

Will he prove himself in Scorpions Dojo?

Will he be able to win the heart of his high school squeeze?


Will he have to take part in “Scavenging”? Will there be an final battle?

There are some quality bits in the film which you need to pay attention too:-
1. At the beginning of the film, the Scorpions are dropped off by one of the guys mum, with the back story of “Going bowling” and not wanting to look lame so drop us off a couple of away is some of the best writing of this century. The plot twist that happens is bordering on genius as we find out the true nature of this lads night out.

2. When I bought the Video from a car boot many years ago, the film was titled “No Surrender” but if you search on Youtube for this master piece you need to look for “Dangerous Places”. There is a fantastic bit in the film where our hero manages to get the title of the film in to hs dialog … see if you can spot it.

All the twist and turns in this film can be hard to keep up with but for you kids moving up to high school this should be on your list of films to watch in preparation … because as you will learn … High schools can be “Dangerous Places” BOOM!

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