My name Mark Spencer and yes …. I am Bradford’s Most interesting Man and this is why:-

1. I run a very successful Mixed Martial Arts Acadmey (BradfordMMA.com)


We teach and compete in a wide range of Martial arts including Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Combat Submission Wrestling, MMA (also called as Cage Fighting), JKD, Kicboxing and much more. We have multipule British champions in different disciplines and on 6th December Team Fulinkazan we celebrated our 10th year anniversary at the Glyde House (http://gumptioncentres.co.uk/glyde-house/)

2. By day I am a mild mannered IT Manger

As well as running a MMA Gym and having 3 blackbelts, I am also a IT Manager by day who specializes in Infrastructure. Servers, Networking, desktops, clients, VIOP, security at some point I have had to do it all …. Geektresting !

3. I am a movie star

I am sorry kid …. I don’t do autographs. That is right BMIM has been in such blockbuster hits as “Bloodline” and “We don’t Fight Cages”, but I also like to keep it real and product and start in my own youtube videos:-


4. I have started a Zombie Protection Group

If you are worried about the Zombie Apocalypse like any sensible person should you will be happy to know the BMIM has got your back! You can join the ZFS and prepare yourself for walkers by making sure you learn the Zombie fighting System


5, I head the C.A.M.P activist group 

Have you ever been short changed? or under chickened ? I feel your pain, The campaign Chicken Appreciation for Man Sized Portions (CAMP) is fighting for you rights as we speak. Nandos can not get away with service small portions … as your prices increase your chicken shrinks.

Tweet now! @nandos #CAMP @Spenfu

6, I am … TheFightCoach.com 

Are you looking for online training? need some help preparing for a Martial Arts competition? Head over to ThefightCoach.com now! We offer online training, fight camps as well as general health and fitness advice


Still doubt my title? Well the fact you have read to this point only proves you are interested in what I have to say which proves I am …. Bradford’s Most Interesting Man ….. BMIM

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